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London’s modern architecture is like marmite for the eyes – you either love it or hate it.

But love it or loathe it, you can’t help but notice the sci-fi like structures and soaring skyscrapers that puncture London’s skyline.

Award-winning Insider London’s brilliant alternative London walking tour is perfect for exploring London’s architectural wonders and getting the inside story on some of London’s most iconic developments.

Discover how these contemporary buildings connect with the capital’s rich history, the superstar architects behind the designs and the quirky and unusual features of London’s innovative buildings – including one building that appears inside out.

Starting at Southwark tube station and heading along the South Bank, our professional, highly knowledgeable guide will show you the best modern architecture around the City, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the London Wall before finishing at the centre of a stunning new development. Plus, we’ll let you know where you can enjoy the same view from the London Eye for the price of a beer!


Things you’ll discover:

  • The most striking examples of modern architecture in London and the fascinating stories behind their development.
  • London’s tallest skyscrapers and who really wins in the ‘size matters’ race
  • The importance of sustainability in London’s architecture and the dynamic modern developments pushing the sustainability envelope
  • How architects marry London’s innovative and historic architectural styles, including, a building which integrates an ancient churchyard
  • The controversial modern buildings that have had critics up in arms, including the building branded ‘ugly’ by the head of the Tate Modern art gallery, the development likened to a sea-sponge, and a sky scraper, which given the right weather conditions, can melt a car’s interior
  • A futuristic (and formerly very wobbly) London footbridge
  • The distinctive styles and characteristic design traits of influential British architects, including Will Alsop, Richard Rogers and Sir Norman Foster
  • What’s next for London’s iconic skyline

What you need to know:

Where do we meet?

Meeting at Southwark tube station, the walking tour crosses the Thames and heads to the most unusual, futuristic buildings in London’s financial district. The tour finishes close to Liverpool Street station.

We include a coffee break to let you experience one of the most exciting stops for yourself.

How long is the tour?

The tour lasts approximately three and a half hours.


  • Adult: £40
  • Senior (60+): £35

When does the tour run?

The tour runs weekly 1pm Sunday and UK Bank Holiday.

This tour is also available for private parties and can be arranged for any date or time. Furthermore, we are happy to create a bespoke programme to reflect your specific needs.

We can also arrange a Private Modern Architecture Tour in German and we will arrange it for you. To book the private tour, or find out more, call 0207 183 1055, or email:

Where does the tour finish?

Liverpool Street Station

Book now

Book tickets online for this tour using our secure online ticket reservation system.

Buy tickets (from: £40)

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