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The City of London is a leading financial hub and home to some of the biggest banking and insurance institutions in the world.

Join us on our award-winning walking tour of The City as we take you on a fascinating journey to discover the origins of London’s financial centre – from its humble beginnings in 17th century coffee houses to its ancient and unusual governance and voting system that’s still in use today.

Starting at Panyer Alley, our expert guide will show you how the City of London developed into a global financial centre, taking in key buildings such as, the London Stock Exchange, Guildhall, the Bank of England, Lloyds of London and Rothschild’s, before finishing at Willis, the world’s oldest insurance broker.

City of London Tour - Discover Capital in the Capital

You’ll learn about:

  • The inner workings of London Stock Exchange, one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges and currently the largest stock exchange in Europe. Hear what it has in common with ‘flat white coffee’, how the stock exchange works and why you can no longer see Traders shouting bids to the auctioneer.

  • Guildhall, home to the City of London Corporation. Discover the City of London’s unique governance structure, including why the Queen must seek permission to enter the City.

  • Why it’s the only area in the UK to elect its own Sherriff. Uncover the ancient traditions and roles established 800 years ago which are still upheld in London’s Square Mile today.

  • The myriad of Livery Companies and Freemen that occupy the City, hear about their role and purpose, both then and now.

  • How the Bank of England pioneered the modern banking system and why it’s worth its weight in gold and its role in the global financial crisis.

  • The world of banking and all its forms from the nation’s central bank to a retail bank where you can pop in and deposit a cheque.

  • How the UK’s Insurance sector grew and who is big enough to insure the insurance companies

  • Why a one meter long gold grasshopper sits above Lombard Street and other cryptic London City signs.

Our eye-opening, informative guided tour of London City is ideal for corporate groups, students or anyone who wants to take an in-depth look at London’s influential financial sector.

What you need to know

Where do we meet?

Panyer Alley, outside St Paul’s tube station

How long is the tour?

Approximately two hours

When does the tour run?

As it is a highly specialised tour, this tour is only available for private parties and can be arranged for any date or time, our most experienced and knowledgeable tour guides will be allocated to your group.

Furthermore, we are happy to create a bespoke programme to reflect your specific needs.

To book the private tour, or find out more, call 0207 183 1055, or email:

We can also arrange a Private Finance Tour in German and we will arrange it for you. To book the private tour, or find out more, call 0207 183 1055, or email:

Where does the tour finish?

Willis Building on Lime Street

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