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  • The entrance to the Brixton Village Market.
  • Street Art in Brixton
  • Pop Brixton

After the incredible success of our West End and East End Retail Design walking tours, which focuses on some of the most innovative shops and brands around, Insider London are pleased to bring you the Brixton Retail Design Tour! This is a new walking tour in one of the most exciting corners of London, where local entrepreneurs have been given opportunities to make their retail dreams come true, which in turn not only allows the area to survive but truly thrive.

Brixton is a melting pot of people, places and events which you will discover throughout the walking tour. The area has truly been through the ups and downs, however it has always retained its sense of community. Waves of immigrants and cultures have impacted Brixton and today call it home; it is an area that truly reflects and treasures its history and supports locals today more than ever. Brixton has really pulled itself up by the bootstraps but has not lost its quirky characteristics, made up by the intoxicating smells and sounds in the street markets today.

Highlights on the Brixton Retail Design Tour include:

  • See the first purpose-built department store in Britain and find out about its transformation over the years into the community-driven, creative site it is today.

  • Stroll down Electric Avenue, home of the first electric street lamp market, to hear its connection to both a momentous event and an internationally renown hit song.

  • A visit to a sustainably designed pop-up mall home to local traders, delicious foods, and community driven schemes.

  • Hear of the local legends such as Brixton-born David Bowie, and the areas beloved locals today - all are rockstars in Brixton.

  • See local street art which honours the areas history and pays tribute to its diverse culture.

Beginning the tour outside Brixton Station, your Insider Guide will walk you through the streets of Brixton, such as Electric Avenue, and its famous markets, including Brixton Village and Market Row. You will learn of its once affluent days as ‘the Oxford Street of the South’, the evolution of local landmarks such as Ritzy, and the immigrants who flocked to the area to build a new home. See how through a number of initiatives, with support from the council and locals, Brixton has created an opportunity for local traders and entrepreneurs to build a future that not only benefits themselves but in turn the community.

What you need to know

Where do we meet?

Outside Brixton Tube Station (to the map)

How long is the tour?

Approximately 2 hours

When does the tour run?

This tour is only available for private parties and can be arranged for any date or time except Mondays, as many interesting businesses in Brixton will be closed that day. Furthermore, we are happy to create a bespoke programme to reflect your specific needs.

To book the private tour, or find out more, call 0207 183 1055, or email

Where does the tour finish?

Outside Ritzy, Brixton Oval

Meeting Point - Map

Enquire now

This tour can be arranged for any date or time. Furthermore, we are happy to create a bespoke programme to reflect your specific needs.

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