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“By the end of the tour I wanted to explore more nooks and crannies, alleyways, pubs, squares and markets and everything! I can’t recommend this walking tour enough – it is money well spent and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.” - Imperial College, Finance Tour

“A huge thank you for the tour yesterday! I’ve had some great feedback from everyone, saying how interesting it was and how knowledgeable you were.” - Heineken, Cutting Edge Green Tour

“We’ve had some excellent feedback from conference delegates about the street art tour– it received the highest ratings from our entire programme! All of the tour guides were commended” - Allen & Overy, Street Art Tour

“We participated in a whole day innovation tour and discovered so much about London’s technology and blockchain community. We had a workshop with three innovative blockchain companies working in the Fintech sector and then took a Silicon Roundabout Walking Tour. We are making this a regular part of our executive programme so our delegates can learn about the exciting developments in London” - Industrial Bank of Korea, Innovation Programme