There is a huge amount of debate among the best private tours London has to offer, over what the oldest pub in London is.

Is the oldest pub the one that has served beer for the longest? Is it the one in the oldest building? Or is it the one that has seen the most kings and queens in its time?

If you are looking for old pubs to frequent then you have probably heard of the Cheshire Cheese just of Fleet Street. It is famous for having served countless writers and journalists, including Charles Dickens and Samuel Johnson.

The building is obviously ancient and the winding cellar with small nooks and crannies dates to the thirteenth century, to a monastery that once stood on the site. There has been a pub here since 1538, though it was originally called The Horn.

Another option for people who want to drink in their surroundings is the George Inn off Borough High Street. Coach houses like this are a rare surviving example of the type of galleries pubs that would serve not only Londoners, but those passing through on their many travels in an out of the capital.

Real Londoners will know that it is in fact The Prospect of Whitby which really holds the crown. Still serving beer over a sawdust scattered bar floor, the pub dates back to 1520 and has stood overlooking the river since Henry VIII was king.

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