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If you are looking forward to seeing everything the Big Smoke has to offer with a walking tour of London, make sure you pack well.

TNT Magazine has published some top packing tips for a successful city break that some Londonophiles may find useful before they make their way to the British capital.

Sensible footwear is an obvious place to start, but if members of your group are used to sky-high shoes at work and don’t tend to walk a great deal during the day, remind them to pack the flats to save their soles. After all, rubbed-raw feet on day one spells an uncomfortable time on days two and three.

Now your feet are covered, make sure the rest of you is with a good all-weather coat. The British weather can vary immensely from hour to hour so a mac or lightweight raincoat is a good shield against rain and wind, while it is lightweight enough to not be a nuisance if the sun decides to shine.

A large pashmina-like scarf is next on the list for women, as it is a good extra layer in a chill, while gentlemen might prefer a more traditional scarf which can keep out the cold, which can also be popped in a bag if it gets too hot.

Finally, the modern tourist knows the frustration of low battery life as our mobile devices become a key part of documenting our lives, so remember to bring a power bank.

There are some great power bank models out there to choose from, including solar-powered gadgets and power banks with multiple sockets for more than one device. Either way, TNT believes this accessory is as crucial to pack as your sensible shoes.!