Canary Wharf is renowned for its place at the heart of the UK’s financial sector, so you could be forgiven for thinking that there’s little more than a range of offices - albeit very well designed ones - to see here.

But in fact this district of London not only has a fascinating history, but also a few artistic gems that are well worth seeking out if you’re visiting the city. Going on a Canary Wharf tour can give you all the details, as well as ensure you don’t miss out on any top sights.

One of the wonderful things about wandering around this area is that you’ll find incredible pieces of art dotted among the modern, commercial buildings.

This juxtaposition of business and beauty is in itself fascinating, but the works on show are spectacular in places and have been created by a range of famous artists and sculptors. Returning to Embrace by Jon Buck and It Takes Two by Bob Allen are among the sculptures to watch out for.

Danny Lane’s Parting of the Waves, meanwhile, is a breathtaking green-glass installation that won’t fail to impress; while Ron Arad’s The Big Blue is described as “a remarkable visual event”.

There are dozens of other pieces of art to discover within Canary Wharf, making it a much more entertaining place to spend a few hours exploring than you may have imagined.

And if all of that walking has made you hungry, make sure you pop to Street Feast’s Giant Robot for a snack. This tip comes from TimeOut, which explains there are a number of food vendors here offering everything from clam chowder fries to toffee apple ice cream.