One of the funnest things I’ve heard about recently is an artist from Muswell Hill who paints discarded pieces of chewing gum.

Street art chewing gum

Ben Wilson is the name of the artist.

Street Art Chewing Gum Insider London Tours

Though Wilson’s unusual canvases are approximately the dimensions of a 50p piece, the paintings are far from limited. His designs are intricate and topics are diverse; ranging from food, to animals and portraits, and even marriage proposals. Based in Muswell Hill, Wilson can be seen lying on the floor in his local area working on the litter for two or three hours.

Going about my habitual pacing of Muswell Hill pavements, I failed to notice Wilson’s handiwork until a friend pointed it out. She had been admiring the innovation and originality involved in the concept for a while.

You can even request personalised designs! The friend I mentioned was rung by one of her friends saying “Look at the floor near the crossroads”. Sure enough, next time we passed the spot; there was a piece painted very colourfully with the names “Sammy and Hattie” on it.

Street Art Chewing Gum

The best kind of surprise or present one could ask for and, though I am not a soppy romantic, a pretty cool way to be proposed to.

Here’s a really great collection of some of Ben’s street art and if you’d like to see of London’s best street art up close, take a look at our Insider London’s Street Art and Graffiti Tour.