There aren’t many better things to do in London than see great street art – if you’ve not been on one of our street art walking tours yet what on earth have you been doing with your life?!? – but that aside, every so often we here at Insider London do have a look at what’s been painted on walls inside buildings. And one bright Wednesday I trotted round the smoke to have a looksee.

First up was a sojourn to the Strand Gallery, at the back end of Charing Cross, to have a gander at the work of that most anarchic of funny men – Jim Moir, aka Vic Reeves.

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As you’d expect from Reeves, humour features prominently although he does have many strings to his Dadaist bow. From a Cezanne-esque bright painting that looks a bit like a boiled sweet (see above), to minimal abstract renderings of Margate, to Beavis and Butthead-style workings of stars of yesteryear and even eighteenth centuy satirical cartoons, Reeves is a dab hand.

This effort reminded me of Brazilian street artsist, Cranio.

Insider London, London walking tours, Vic Reeves, Strand Gallery, things to do in London

After this I headed to the Black Rat Gallery – named after Blek le Rat, the French stencil artist that Banksy may have, er, been inspired by.

Exhibiting here is Butch Anthony, and his Intertwangleism. Butch is a boy from Alabama, but before you insert your own joke about Rednecks, bear in mind I lived in ‘Bama back in the day so watch your tongue!

Anthony is an artist famed for collecting disparate objects and rendering them into a form of street art back in his home state. He calls it ‘The Museum of Wonder’.

Back here in Blighty, Anthony again exhibits a rather sharp sense of humour. His efforts here comprise old school portraits with cartoon bones drawn over the top.

Insider London, London walking tours, Butch Anthony, things to do in London

Elsewhere there are scupltures that seem to hint at the possible quintessence of the Deep South – all guns, crucifixes and pocket knives… and what looks like a cast of Han Solo’s ear. Cue the Deliverance guitar….