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Wandering around East London taking in the wealth of street art on offer has got to rank as one of the top activities to do in London. 

But the weather does sometimes (with me, seemingly, always) rather get in the way…


SPQR, street art, London walking tours, Signal Gallery, Insider London

…there are myriad galleries to get your street art fix meaning that at any given moment any number of post-graffiti artists are plying their wares for your delectation.


For a start, there’s Tony’s, [DFace’s Stolen Space Gallery]( “DFace’s Stolen Space Gallery”) and The Brick Lane Gallery. But also…..

Signal Gallery

Signal Gallery is arguably less well known than the others… though that is changing. Last month I popped along to Signal to see Brooklyn street artist RAE and his first UK exhibition – and was rather taken with it. So, I decided to head down to see 2+2, an exhibition that paired two contemporary fine artists with two street artists, Bristolian stencil artist SPQR and another Brooklyn-ite, Joe Iurato.


SPQR, Signal Gallery, London walking tours, Insider London, street art

Leaving Banksy comparisons aside… well, ok, maybe not leaving comparisons aside….SPQR favours making social comment with his art, at times utilising a brutalist, and abrasive touch. Yet there is also a touch of whimsy and humour – the smiling young woman earlier in the post brings to mind the nudge-nudge of Carry On films. Be sure to keep an eye out for more.

Joe Iurato

Joe Iurato, Signal Gallery, London walking tours, Insider London, street art<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">I dunno what you said but she don’t look happy!</figcaption></figure>

I absolutely adore this piece – the menace, the power and, well, the pure bonkersness of the imagery. And this?….

Joe Iurato, Signal Gallery, Insider London, walking tours, street art<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Ta-xi!</figcaption></figure>

Yessir, the man Iurato is my favourite of the two here. What sort of mind conjures these portraits?

The other great thing about Mr Iurato – he’s well in to his wine; a street artist-cum-sommelier. You don’t get too many of them to the pound.