London street art and graffiti walking tours

Sometimes street art is considered synonymous with spray cans. This week’s street art pictures celebrate artists who work with paint brushes.

This incredibly detailed piece is by Puerto Rican artist Alex Diaz . His work is meticulously and time consumingly created using cross hatched strokes made using tiny brushes as well as spray cans.

alex diaz London street art and graffiti walking tours

This piece was created last year on Bacon Street, but for more of Alex Diaz’s work check out our Facebook page: the picture we’ve used as our header is also his creation.

ALO London street art and graffiti

This piece on Cheshire Street, meanwhile, was created by ALO. This Italian artist was working with traditional oil paints until he, literally, decided to take his art out onto the street. It’s an anti-commercial statement, as much as an artistic one.

We should also flag up another favourite – Phlegm – whose amazing Hanbury Street mural we highlighted in October. Check it out here.

For more great street art, why not come on one of our Insider London street art and graffiti walking tours? There’s always something cool to discover.