street art Grimsby street

We’re used to street art for various purposes: to mark territory, to brighten up the street maybe, or perhaps for commercial purposes. But using street art to eulogise is more unconventional. This week’s street art pictures do exactly that – in their own colourful, unique way.

Robbo street art tribute London

This spray can piece, spotted in Allen Gardens, is a tribute to King Robbo by an unknown artist. It appeared in August of this year, just after the death of the graffiti artist, who was famous for his feud with Banksy but had been part of London’s street art scene since the 1980s.

london street art alternative walking tour

This piece above, and at the top of the post, is a new piece on Grimsby Street, just off Brick Lane by DSCreet. The subjects of this homage – Lee and Muz – may not be known to the general public but they are known to the artist. This is a personal act of commemoration in a very public way.

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