Invader street art picture London walking tour

Street artists become household names thanks to an easily identifiable style, so this week we’re looking at a couple of street art heavyweights over the past two decades, and how they’ve adapted their work.

The above piece is an old favourite by Invader, photographed on Holywell Lane/Curtain Road. It’s hard to resist the force of Luke and Darth, right? Named after Space Invaders, he’s best known for his depiction of those very same computer game characters, recreating them in square ceramic tiles. This Star Wars tribute not his only interpretation of iconic figures: last year, he recreated characters including Hong Kong Phooey and Popeye in Hong Kong.

Eine street art London

This second picture, meanwhile, shows a work by Ben Eine – best known for his 3-coloured letters on street shutters. This piece, created last summer in Club Row with spray cans, is a much more involved mural with elaborate lettering.

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