Bicicletas Sem Freios alternative street art

We’re heading to Brazil for this week’s street art pictures – well, as close as you can get to South America without leaving London, that is. And these pictures live up to their county’s reputation for colourful, expressive work.

The first amazing piece is the work of Bicicleta Sem Freio (translating as “Bicycle Without Breaks”). BSF met while studying visual art at the Federal University of Goias. They created the work on a wall near Brick Lane, shown above and below, over three days.

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We’re pairing their work with Cranio – whose work we featured on the blog before – whose colourful figures also carry a political implication. This piece can be found close-by on Brick Lane itself, was originally created in August last year, and touched up in July of this year: just about the time Brazil was making global headlines thanks to the World Cup.

cranio street art london

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