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When you think of street art, you may think of spray cans, but these works by Ronzo and CityZen Kane show it doesn’t need to look like that: both artists work in a more sculptural form.

This impressive piece is by the British artist CityZen Kane and was spotted in July 2014 on Club Row. He says that he work isn’t meant to represent anything specific, more that it will arouse curiosity when people discover it.

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If sculptural street art is different for the viewer, it’s also different for the artist. Both CityZen Kane and Ronzo say that their work takes longer to put together, it’s limited by weight and – of course – it needs to be securely fastened to the wall to have any lasting power!

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The London-based Ronzo, originally from Germany, is known as a pioneer of 3D graffiti – he’s been erecting his plaques and monsters since 2008. You can find out more about him, and the varied types of street art in this blog post, or come and see them for yourself on one of our London street art and graffiti walking tours.