Our green correspondent Hetty this week takes a look into green cleaning products around London, including where to find them, and if they’re worth it.


I think by now we’ve established that there is a green alternative to pretty much everything in your house: your light bulbs, your food, your bins, your beauty products, even your clothes. We Londoners are attracted to the small changes, the little things we can do every day without too much hassle, in order to make a difference.  And this week, I have uncovered a green alternative to an everyday object Londoners spend billions of pounds on every year. You might even overlook it in your kitchen cupboard. I’m talking about green cleaning products.

I know, queue the yawns. Cleaning isn’t exactly the most glamorous activity, and it definitely doesn’t set my interest on fire. But we all do it (hopefully!), which makes cleaning a prime candidate for a green-over. There are some sexy (promise) products out there that can not only deal with that red wine spill but reduce your impact on the planet.

In terms of brands, look no further than Bio-D. We’re talking bathroom cleaner, dishwasher powder, disinfectant, fabric softener, glass cleaner, furniture polish, even nappy fresh bags! For anything you need to keep your pad squeaky clean, these are the people to go to. Their products have a minimum impact on the environment through use and manufacturing, the ingredients are plant derived and from renewable sources and none of Bio-D raw materials are tested on animals. And just to polish off that green halo, the bottles that Bio-D use are all recyclable and contain optimum levels of recycled material.


Better still, Londoners can actually pick up Bio-D right off the counter, either by visiting your local WholeFoods, or through one of many stockists listed on Bio-D’s website.  We’d advise picking it up from London’s Spitalfield Organic (map), a fab little place deserving of its own blog post.

For a slightly more glamorous range (yes, glamorous, embrace it) of cleaning products, check out Lilly’s Eco Clean. Founded in 2003 by a contract cleaning service, this company makes only human, animal and environmentally friendly products, after founder Lilly Klint suffered severe allergic reactions to traditional cleaning products. The bottles are made from 50%recycled plastic and they’re pretty chic looking. Definitely the snazzier way to clean your toilet.

So no, cleaning isn’t fun. Cleaning isn’t really cool. But instead of flushing pollutants and harmful chemicals down the drain every day (every week…every month, whenever!), these products can help us make a difference in our own homes. They retail at the same price as most high street brands, so go and check out their websites and see for yourself. You can order them online, but then, adventurous Londoner that you are, why not check out a range of eco-cleaners at a trendy stockist, and try something new on your mop today!