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My favourite ‘big’ London gigs

There are certain venues in London that I associate distinctly with the bands that I’ve seen perform inside them. Do I love these particular venues simply because my favourite bands played there? Probably. Does that mean they are actually my favourite venues? I don’t know. Are introductions full of rhetorical questions slightly irritating? Absolutely.

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Eco Fiction

So, I was perusing the internet for some green inspiration this week, checking out some websites and reading my Google alerts (try it out if you haven’t already – amazing) when I came across something really unusual. A new craze is set to take the world by STORM (well, maybe, anyway you heard it here first!), a new form of literature if you will. Prepare yourself: the eco book.

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Squeaky Green

Our green correspondent Hetty this week takes a look into green cleaning products around London, including where to find them, and if they’re worth it.

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