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Squeaky Green

Our green correspondent Hetty this week takes a look into green cleaning products around London, including where to find them, and if they’re worth it.

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The UK’s big green giant

Sadly, all too often, when major UK retail companies talk about being ‘committed’ to green and sustainable policies it all feels a bit forced. Meaningful green strategies are all about being innovative rather than just repeating what others have said or done. Without innovation… well, let’s face it, we wouldn’t have realised anything was wrong in the first place (and thus, we’d still think that the earth was an infinite resource that we could merrily pillage forever, and that smoking was good for us).

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The Oldest Bar in London

The Oldest Bar in LondonGordon’s Wine Bar is the kind of place that one may have thought impossible to find in London nowadays. I certainly did, until I was introduced to it last week.

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