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Thinking outside the box

Since the 1960s there has been a constant trend of exploring the ways in which we can use cheap and lightweight materials. Innovative industrial designers are always trying to push boundaries with the intention of reducing the use of expensive and finite building materials. At Insider London, we think cardboard is a great eco-friendly response to our disposable lifestyle. And cardboard is great from a creative perspective: durable yet light and versatile.  Here are some amazing examples of cardboard-retail in London, from temporary concept shops to luxury flagship stores.

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My favourite ‘big’ London gigs

There are certain venues in London that I associate distinctly with the bands that I’ve seen perform inside them. Do I love these particular venues simply because my favourite bands played there? Probably. Does that mean they are actually my favourite venues? I don’t know. Are introductions full of rhetorical questions slightly irritating? Absolutely.

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Eco Fiction

So, I was perusing the internet for some green inspiration this week, checking out some websites and reading my Google alerts (try it out if you haven’t already – amazing) when I came across something really unusual. A new craze is set to take the world by STORM (well, maybe, anyway you heard it here first!), a new form of literature if you will. Prepare yourself: the eco book.

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