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London’s Magnificent Seven Victorian Cemeteries: the Low-Down Part 1

After our previous post on London’s Magnificent Seven Victorian Cemeteries, we decided that there was enough interesting history and facts behind these prestigious bone-yards for three whole posts.__ So, lucky readers, in these second and third instalments in the cemetery series, you’re going to get a run-down of each cemetery’s unique personal qualities, preparing you for that visit we just know we’ve inspired you to take. If your nearest cemetery isn’t featured this week, don’t panic! Just check back next week…

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What’s new on the East London music scene?

If you’ve been on our East London tour, or if you follow trends in East London, you’ll be familiar with The Macbeth in Hoxton. It is a place famous for kick-starting many a music career (Florence and Pete Doherty to name but two). Now there’s a new eclectic night for your musical delectation.

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On The Buses…

When I moved to London, like most newcomers I was afraid of buses (there were too many/it seemed too complicated) so I took the tube, even when it was entirely counter-intuitive to do so. The tube is fine, it is what it is. Simple maths tells us that when more people than can humanely fit into a space attempt nonetheless to fit into that space, unpleasantness is inevitable. Its just an unpleasant thing that we sometimes have to deal with, like going home at Christmas.

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