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London street art in a sweet shop?

It’s an ongoing debate – and it won’t go away.  Should street artists put their work in galleries? Do (some) street artists that decide against such a pursuit get too het up about people wanting to earn a living from it? At what stage do you cease to be a street artist?

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London Street Art – C215 interview

C215 is one of the doyens of street art – a grand old master, and a man who has been back in the smoke recently,  plastering our walls with his iconic work. As you can see from these images, the man has been BUSY!

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London street art – Broken Fingaz Crew interview

**Despite their name suggesting a problem with actually holding their necessary tools,  **_Broken Fingaz Crew – _Israel’s pre-eminent street artists – have been conquering walls throughout the world for nigh-on twelve years. And recently they returned to the smoke  to contribute some of their unique work to the East London street art scene (including down the road from my old house in Dalston). **Being lovely people they also agreed to answer a few of our questions.**

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