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Things to do in London – art, and lots of it!

There aren’t many better things to do in London than see great street art – if you’ve not been on one of our street art walking tours yet what on earth have you been doing with your life?!? – but that aside, every so often we here at Insider London do have a look at what’s been painted on walls inside buildings. And one bright Wednesday I trotted round the smoke to have a looksee.

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London street art in a sweet shop?

It’s an ongoing debate – and it won’t go away.  Should street artists put their work in galleries? Do (some) street artists that decide against such a pursuit get too het up about people wanting to earn a living from it? At what stage do you cease to be a street artist?

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London Street Art – C215 interview

C215 is one of the doyens of street art – a grand old master, and a man who has been back in the smoke recently,  plastering our walls with his iconic work. As you can see from these images, the man has been BUSY!

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