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Shoreditch Bars: A drinker’s guide

Shoreditch has in recent years been overshadowed by its near neighbours. But if you’re sick of Dalston and fancy an after work drink, an interesting place to take a date or a full blown night out, why not give Shoreditch another chance? This part of London is packed with pubs and bars, and still has an enviable offering for the urban explorer inside us who is striving to find something different and less over-subscribed.

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Golf in London?

I’m one of those people that becomes interested in certain sports for about a 3 to 4 week period immediately after that particular sport’s most prestigious tournament has been on TV. Awful isn’t it? Yes it is. After Wimbledon I love tennis, after the Ashes I love cricket, and after the Olympics I love everything except sailing which quite simply is not a spectator sport. At the moment, having just watched Europe win the Ryder Cup, I love golf (patriotism is marvellously fickle isn’t it? English one minute, British the next, and now European. All that’s left is for earth to take on another planet is some sort of sporting tournament).

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