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Ecology Volunteering in London

You don’t need to jet off to the Amazon to get to grips with nature. We’ve found some brilliant ecology volunteering opportunities here in London, all within view of your nearest Pret A Manger.

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Street Art Picture of the Week: Roa's flea, Shoreditch

We’re big fans of Belgian street art Roa at Insider London, so we were delighted to see a new piece on Shoreditch’s Leonard Street. Known for his huge black and white depictions of animals and for depicting some of the planet’s less-loved creatures, true to form, this time he’s depicted a giant flea.

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A King’s Cross Station for the 21st Century

King’s Cross station’s new, bright and spacious concourse reflects the renewal of the wider area, heralding a renaissance in how railway stations interact with their urban context. The Victorians excelled at creating a sense of arrival, leaving a legacy of grand stations that took pride in railway travel. After a period of decline, London’s railway stations are beginning to scrub up to smart 21st century standards.

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