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The Battle of Cable Street: The Day that East London Defeated Fascism

The tabloid press likes to refer to almost anything in Britain that it doesn’t like as being fascist (I’ve read of fascist postmen, fascist nurses and even fascist lollipop ladies), and this has to some extent rendered the term redundant. However, actual fascism, as in that which we attribute to have started in political form in Italy in 1921, is generally thought to have by-passed Britain when it spread its ugly wings throughout Europe. This is not necessarily the case. Interwar British fascism did manifest itself, and met its most famous resistance in the East End of London.

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HUH Store: Dalston Insider

Dalston offers a great selection of coffee shops, bars, resturants and clubs. But the area actually has a few hidden gems when it comes to shopping. This is the first part in a new series that puts the spotlight on those Dalston-based retail havens. This week we’re starting with the HUH store Dalston.

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Things to do in London – art, and lots of it!

There aren’t many better things to do in London than see great street art – if you’ve not been on one of our street art walking tours yet what on earth have you been doing with your life?!? – but that aside, every so often we here at Insider London do have a look at what’s been painted on walls inside buildings. And one bright Wednesday I trotted round the smoke to have a looksee.

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