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The Regent’s Canal in King’s Cross: Past, Present and Future

For over 140 years the Regents Canal linked King’s Cross, one of the industrial heartlands of north London, to the major industrial cities of the North. The waterways no longer form a vital industrial transport artery, but after a period of decline and dereliction, they are seeing a renaissance, as the Kings Cross Regeneration enters an exciting new stage.

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Insider Interview: Melissa Wood, illustrator of CitySketch London

Packed into a sweaty tube, or fighting the crowds on Oxford Street: sometimes it’s easier to see London as a battleground, rather than somewhere to be explored and enjoyed. But London is also a very creative city – from its street art to its architecture – so we love the concept behind CitySketch London. This gorgeous book illustrates some of the capital’s most famous landmarks and stunning vistas with the aim of prompting the reader’s own creativity, and getting them to see the city just a little bit differently. We had the pleasure of speaking to Melissa Wood, the illustrator of the book, and someone who loves London almost as much as we do.

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Street Art Picture of the Week: Smiley by Otto Schade, Brick Lane

otto schade street art london brick lane

The streets around Brick Lane are full of interesting street art. One of the most distinctive is this Smiley by Chilean-born, now London-based artist Otto Schade. Schade is fascinated by surrealist art, frequently using this imagery of his bandages in his work: in fact, he’s used it to depict such icons as James Dean, David Bowie and Mickey Mouse. There’s many more examples of his work on his website. And for great pictures of this work being created, check out the 50mm London blog.

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