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Top Five Quirky Retail Spaces In London

London is home to quirky fashion, unique individuals and a number of distinct retail spaces. From high-tech futuristic spaces to repurposed and renovated pop-up malls, London has it all. And Insider London is here to round up the top five quirky retail spaces in London for you all.

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Haunted London

October is finally here and autumn has fallen upon London. And with that comes Halloween; full of ghost stories, un-earthly happenings and tales of death and debauchery. London’s history is riddled with stories of murder, executions and hauntings and there’s no better time to explore the city than on All Hallows’ Eve.

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London’s Most Haunted Theatres

Alongside New York’s Broadway, the West-End in London is renowned for producing the best in commercial theatre. Head to the West-End and you’ll see historic, grade-listed theatres on every corner. These theatres are steeped in history, some dating back as far as the 17th century. With a theatre district full of old buildings with long histories, there are bound to be some ghost and ghouls lurking in the dressing rooms at night.

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