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5 most innovative cities in the UK

When we talk about innovation and tech in the UK, we tend to only look at London and the famous ‘silicon roundabout’. As the country’s capital and (by far) largest city, that is fully understandable. Just by sheer size, London easily outperforms any other city in the UK. However, if you account for population differences, suddenly it drops out even from the top 20. Read on, and find out about the top 5 tech cities in the UK that successfully punch above their weight.

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Autumn with Insider London

Untitled design-12-806532.png Autumn has well and truly arrived in London. Leaves line the city streets, pumpkins decorate the shops and knitted jumpers are out in full force. You may think this season is not the best to take part in a walking tour. But you may be mistaken. Insider London have a number of winter warmer tours. You spend half your time inside and the other half out. Meaning you still get to explore London, whilst keeping warm and dry in this sometimes unforgiving season.

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