You may have remember remembered the 5th of November, but what did you miss on the Insider London blog over October? No gunpowder, treason and plot around these parts, but we do have Sherlock Holmestube trains and Shuttlecock pop-ups. Read on to find out how we really marked the month with a bang…

kings cross lighthouse quirky london

Image credit: Urban 75

Recognise this building? This lighthouse doesn’t guide poor sailors away from rocky shores but it does mark a particularly tricky junction on the streets of King’s Cross. We found out more about this curious buildings past and future here. We also took a look at some of the other buildings in the surrounding area in a game of spot the starchitect. And, with London’s skyscrapers continually in the news, we compared the Leadenhall building (hitting the headlines just this week) with another of 2014’s recent, perhaps less showy developments here.

London Underground Train Frontage

Image credit: Core 77

London’s tube trains should be looking very different by the time 2020 rolls around. Take a look at the latest plans here. You might want to get on the tube to the Museum of London to find out more about one of London’s most famous fictional residents, Sherlock Holmes. He’s the subject of a new exhibition there. And , afterwards, if you wanted to wind your way down to Baker Street and pay tribute to Holmes at 221b Baker Street, you could pop into Carousel while you are near Marylebone. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with detectives, but is a fantastic new pop-up restaurant space from Shuttlecock.

Phlegm street art london

Image credit: Daniel Dalton

We’ve featured street art this month from the likes of Phlegm, Mr Cenz, and Unga and INSA, as well as checking out a brand new book on global street art, Concrete Canvas. Join us on a London street art and graffiti tour to find out more.

We’ve also just launched a London finance tour, so you can discover how the history of cash has shaped the capital. And, to help with saving a bit of money, don’t forget to check out our promotion with MyRooms to get a discount off your London rent.

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