Street art dijon

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, let’s take a moment to pause and remind ourselves of some of the things we enjoyed over November.

We pride ourselves on taking something of a closer look at what’s going on London’s street – although perhaps not quite as close as the boy pictured above. He’s intrigued – as we were – by one of the figures from the fantastic Outings Project, which takes fine art from the galleries and onto the streets. Find out more here.

street art london

Some of our other street art spots this month have included Jim ‘Probs’ Vision, Art is Tra$h, DS and Biciletas Sem Freios.

Paddington in Green Park

Someone else making his home around London is Paddington: there are 50 of these bears loose around London at the moment. More information on how to find them here.


From bears to elephants – we rounded up our favourite posts about the London Underground. That includes this great use of the Underground map by Paul Middlewick. And, while we’re still Underground, we found out more about the Mail Rail, including plans to open a stretch to the public, here.


We shared some stunning maps and infographics from new book, London: The Information Project. This map shows the most photographed areas of the city, according to Flickr at least.

The Shard Modern Architecture London

Image credit: fsse8info

And, finally, we played a game of top trumps with some of London’s historic tall buildings. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments, or come on one of our modern architecture tours and let us know for yourself.