Plans have been unveiled to create a ‘Culture Mile’ in London’s Square Mile, with the City of London Corporation working with the Barbican, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Symphony Orchestra, and Museum of London.

The aim is to transform the Square Mile into “a vibrant cultural area” that will foster creative exchange and cultural collaboration. The so-called Culture Mile is set to stretch from Farringdon to Moorgate and will feature three new building projects.

This isn’t a quick project though, with the whole transformation expected to take ten to 15 years.

A new Museum of London is set to be built at West Smithfield, while there are proposals for a Centre for Music. In addition, Beech Street will be transformed to become a “more welcoming environment”, with plans to make the area better for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as improving air quality.

Consultations about the proposals will be carried out, with the City of London Corporation explaining it is aiming to improve way-finding, signage, lighting, public information and art installations in the area.

Policy chairman at the organisation Catherine McGuinness commented: “Culture has been at its heart for centuries, alongside commerce, and now more than ever, arts and culture are vital to the UK economy and our position in the world.”

The City of London has changed considerably over the centuries since it was established, and it seems this plan will be the next stage of its evolution.

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