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We’re in another period of royal-mania with another big royal wedding just behind us, and if you’re visiting the capital, going on a London guided walk is the best way to learn all about our interesting royal history.

One of the highlights of London is undoubtedly the pilgrimage to see Buckingham Palace, but another of the Queen’s residences is in spotlight as the venue for Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle’s nuptials… Windsor Castle!

If you’re interested in the history of this place, the Evening Standard has some of the most interesting facts about the castle sure to keep you enthralled. The castle holds many exquisite, priceless items, but one of the most elaborate is a doll’s house that was made in the 1920s for Queen Mary. It’s the largest ever built in the world and was the joint effort of over 1,500 skilled tradespeople.

The library within the castle holds over 200,000 books. Many are the collections of previous monarchs, alongside some notable correspondence from former monarchs - journals from Queen Victoria and personal letters written by King George III.

Although Windsor Castle never came under attack in WWII, the royal family would sleep in the dungeons of the castle for protection. All windows were blacked out and reinforced as it was thought an attack was highly likely because of rumours of Hitler wanting to make the castle his home.

The royal family changed their surname to Windsor in 1917, but now officially use the surname Windsor-Mountbatten after the Queen married in 1947 to Prince Phillip, whose surname was Mountbatten. The castle costs The Queen around £2,365.16 each year in council taxes.