If you’ve ever travelled on London’s Underground system, you may not pick the word ‘inspirational’ to describe it. However, when you think about how long trains have been hurtling through the tunnels, the feats of engineering involved and the inspirational places it can take you to, it doesn’t seem such a crazy description.

According to a survey conducted by Microsoft Surface, the Metropolitan line is the most inspiring for commuters, the Evening Standard reported.

One in six people who take this line to work claimed that the journey got their creativity flowing on the way to work, while 53 per cent said they carried out artistic activities like sketching while on the Metropolitan line.

By contrast, the Circle and Waterloo and City lines were considered to be the least inspirational for commuters.

Lecturer in creativity and innovation at the Cass Business School Sara Jones told the newspaper that natural features in particular, such as trees and plants, are known to boost creativity. “A simple change of environment can be helpful for increasing creative productivity,” she added.

But this doesn’t explain why the Metropolitan line, which features stops such as Wembley Park, Baker Street, Barbican and Liverpool Street, makes people feel more creative than other routes.

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