You might guess that we’re pretty excited about the 150th anniversary of the London Underground- and we’re thinking a lot of you tube-nerds out there are too! And what’s not to be excited about?

There’s going to be events: Steam trains! Restorations! Reinactments of the first tube journey!

There’s going to be stuff happening on the trains: Poetry! Art! Theatre!

And a bunch of collectable souvenir-y things for all you super-nerds, like oyster cards! Books! And coins!

And not only all of that, but there’s our exclusive London Underground Tour to get you really hyped for the occasion, and the best part is: we’re giving you a chance to win tickets!

Yep, to get you even more excited about the dear old London Underground’s 50th birthday (as if that were possible), we’re bringing you a stupendous competition with a whole heap of glorious underground-themed prizes to be won by YOU!

So, drum-roll please…

Along with two tickets to our London Underground tour you, lucky reader, could win:

Two tickets to the BFI Southbank’s preview screening of Asquith’s stylish 1920s silent film Underground, which is brilliant not only because it gives a glimpse of London’s transport of times past, but also because it has been painstakingly remastered by the BFI, and features a score written especially by silent film accompanist Neil Brand_._ Wowza! But that’s not all: this is accompanied by a dinner for two at the Benugo restaurant at the BFI (with up to £150 to spend- fancy!).

And last but not least, you’ll receive a lovely bundle of Penguin books (underground themed, of course). These include Underground, chronicling the history of the subterranean systems that became the lifeblood of London through a series of previously unseen illustrations and images, and a beautiful, brand-spanking new edition of Poems on the Underground, released especially for the occasion by Penguin. Cor blimey!

And read all about our one-of-a-kind London Underground tour here: London Underground Tour

Good luck!