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The Garden Bridge project in London is under threat, with a recent report by Dame Margaret Hodge suggesting the scheme should be scrapped due to escalating costs.

However, the charity behind the plans to deliver a new river crossing over the Thames that features a series of meandering paths through a green space designed to represent various parts of the city, insists that the project can still go ahead.

Responding to Dame Hodge’s report, Lord Mervyn Davies, chairman of the Garden Bridge Trust, stated that the report is inaccurate and disregards key facts.

Lord Davies added that the trust’s focus is still on making the bridge a reality and “the great benefits it will bring to Londoners and visitors alike”.

One of the aims of the Garden Bridge project is to encourage more people to walk in the city, rather than using transport for short journeys. Due to traffic congestion, walking across existing bridges in the city can be a stressful experience, the trust asserts.

Whether or not construction is able to begin will come down to London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who will make the final decision on the project’s future.

But even without the Garden Bridge, there is plenty of greenery to explore in the capital. As well as the numerous parks and green squares, there are a host of eco-friendly buildings hiding in plain sight, not to mention retailers, hotels and restaurants doing their best to be sustainable.

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