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Visiting London is a perfect opportunity to experience new things. From the food and drink, to the music and art, it’s a city of endless discovery. For some, London offers the chance to explore the street art around the city. So here are some of the best places to spot street art whilst in London.

For those wanting to see street art in the capital, Shoreditch is always the first suggestion. And with good reason. You’ll find street art everywhere you look; on store fronts, on walls, on the ground and even on tube carriages.

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It’s home to many Banksy, ROA and Thierry Noir pieces, as well as the Village Underground. This creative space of converted tube carriages and shipping containers, has been around since 2006 and remains a space where creativity and culture can thrive. As part of the Village Underground, be sure to take a look at Holywell Lane. This wall is the largest dedicated street art wall in London and every three months it is repainted by local, national and international artists. These have included Dale Grimshaw, Ian Stevenson and En Masse.

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But it’s not just Shoreditch where street art is prominent in London. You’ll find that the Boroughs of Camden and Islington are full of incredible pieces of street art too. Pieces from Otto Schade and Onesto can be found in the area and more famously it is where Bambi has decided to create most of her work. Bambi first came to the street art scene in 2010 when her tag, underneath a portrait of Amy Winehouse, appeared. She has since painted the streets with images of The Queen, The Statue of Liberty and Nelson Mandela.

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And even Tower Hamlets is home to some extraordinary street art. And this work was all in aid of the Endangered 13 mural project. In 2016, thirteen street artists took on a 120 metre stretch of railway arches in Tower Hamlets, to create a stunning work of art to raise awareness of endangered species around the world. Louis Masai, Andy Council and Faunagraphic were just some of the artists that took part to raise awareness of this cause. \ \ And if you want to learn more about the Street Art in London, you’re in luck. We run a Street Art Tour every Saturday afternoon. For more information and to book your tour please visit our website. Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with everything Insider London.

By Sage Fitzpatrick