London’s ever-evolving street art scene is set to take on a new charitable project as a local arts organisation sets up a campaign involving homeless people.

The Big Issue reports that East London arts organisation Made Public - which has links to renowned street artist Ben Eine - has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new street art campaign that illustrates the stories of local homeless people.

Partnering with homelessness charity Hope4Havering, the arts organisation is anticipating that the project will challenge people’s perceptions of the homeless and get residents thinking about how homelessness can happen to anyone.

“We want to use street art to give homeless people a voice within the community in which they live,” said Lauren Martin of Made Public, adding that people rarely get to hear the stories, ideas and opinions of those living on the streets.

The project, which is called Lost Voices, is hoping to raise £55,140 via the crowdfunding campaign before September 24th.

Street artist Ben Eine is known for his work ‘Brave’ in East London, which can be spotted on a street art tour of the capital. Unveiled earlier this year, the piece commemorates the work of human rights activists. Meanwhile, in 2016, the artist designed a special edition Big Issue cover to celebrate the magazine’s 200 millionth sale.

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