C215 is one of the doyens of street art – a grand old master, and a man who has been back in the smoke recently,  plastering our walls with his iconic work. As you can see from these images, the man has been BUSY!

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Despite this flurry of activity, C215 was good enough to take a few moments out of his day to answer a few questions.

Now I should let it be known that we at Insider London are very grateful that he did…. but as you can see from the, how to put it, economical responses below, I am given a bit of a stonewalling over the ether, as though the man in question is wearing shades and a big scarf, and trying to stay away from me!

Your work has an incredibly romantic feel to it…  a real sense of a love for human beings, and especially those more at the margins of society (he is an orphan himself). Would you agree with that?


Does your knowledge of history factor into the sympathetic representations you make of people? (the man has a Master’s)**


C215, Eastend street art, Insider London, walking tours

Do you feel some newer artists get into street art for the wrong reasons – i.e. to make profit? And if that is the case, is the future of street art under threat?

even worse than money : fashion and fame

What artists do you rate? Any in particular in East London?

conor harrington

What constitutes great street art in your opinion?


Given your background in studying art, do you spend much time visiting art galleries? Does art in a more formal setting interest you?

not that much

So there you go. You get the feeling he’d rather spend his time making his street art than answering my questions! And who can blame him when his art is so spectacular. Let the walls do the talking.

Bukowski, C215, Eastend street art Insider London, walking tours<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Charles Bukowski – another man who chose his words carefully</figcaption></figure>

If you want to see some of C215’s work, join us on our street art tour! It’s always changing so see it while you can… and catch these latest efforts as the paint dries…

all images provided by C215