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Lawry Lewin – rather aptly an actor of “Horrible Histories” fame – is in high spirits. But for how long? I’m here to make him relive a chilling experience.

We’re looking for Lily, or rather her ghost – Lily being the erstwhile landlady of the Comedy Pub, strangled by her assistant manager, some hundred or so years before. And though Raul, the very amicable current landlord, may be relaxed about us filming this most restrained of London pub ghosts I’m feeling a little spooked. As we head downstairs, a strange moment jangles the nerves further.  A woman suddenly emerges and grabs my arm. ‘It’s really lovely to hear you laugh. I haven’t heard anyone laugh for twenty-four hours’. With that she’s gone.

It was only later I found out she had been dead for thirty years…..  Joking of course! We’re not here for her. We’re here for Lily.

We make our way downstairs to where the basement had been in times of yore – and the setting for a horrible crime. We get some weird looks heading down to the gent’s with a camera in the middle of the afternoon. Two fellas. To look for ghosts. Hoping not to be victims in our own slasher.

Watch the video to find out what happened……

Have you seen a ghost? Did your friends believe you? Have you heard Lily? We want to know!

Or – if you don’t believe in ghosts, tell us why!

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