Sunshine in London has the power to turn your day around, put a spring in your step and generally bring to light that secret optimism and joie de vivre that’s usually reserved for the Spring. However, Londoners are not always so lucky and have had to find ways to entertain themselves come rain or shine. So, when the days get colder and the rain starts to pour, you’ll find there’s still plenty to see and do. If you don’t believe it, let us give you a few tips on things to do in London when it’s raining.

See London’s Best Museums

London boasts the title of culture capital of the world, and we have no trouble believing it. With a myriad of museums dotted around the city dealing from the mainstream to the extremely niche (and everything in between), there is bound to be something for everyone: from the London transport museum for the TFL aficionados, to the hidden away Bank of England museum where you can lift a gold bar, to the beautiful British Museum where you can soak up the moody weather atmosphere without actually getting wet thanks to the spectacular glass roof. With so many of London’s museums being free to enter, it has never been easier to see and experience so much arts and culture all in one place.

Taste the Finest Ales

If the gloomy weather just makes you long for anything warm and cozy, perhaps an old-fashioned pub-crawl is just what you need. London has many great historical pubs, so if you like a side of culture with your drink this is a good way of learning about the city’s long history without straying too far from indoor comforts – and your pint, of course. You might think we’re pulling your leg on this one, but London pubs have been at the heart of the city’s literary past, as well as sites of architectural and political significance! Though you can of course devise your own historical pub-crawl, we have put together a History of Drinking and Pubs Tour that will quench both your literal and cultural thirst, as our trusty guides show you around the favourite watering holes of some of London’s finest, including Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Take the Shops by Storm

It might be a cliché, but London is a world famous shopping destination for a reason… and what better reason to indulge in a little retail therapy and treat yo’ self when the weather’s got you down? When it comes to shopping, London truly has it all, whether you prefer the classic façade of Liberty’s with its lavish flower displays or would much rather go hunting for antiques and vintage in Portobello at the crack of dawn. Thanks to the abundance of shops, you can also do a little sight seeing between one establishment and the next if you find yourself between Oxford Circus and Regent Street, or you can take a stroll through Covent Garden’s shops without ever having to leave the shelter of the covered market.

Rediscover the London Underground

If you’re a Londoner, chances are you’re quite familiar with the London tube. Though at first impact it might bring up unpleasant memories of crowded trains and dreary morning commutes, when it comes to the London underground there is more than meets the eye, and even born and bred city folk have something to learn. Whilst we tend to do most of our sightseeing above ground, many of London’s train and underground stations have plenty of history for you to discover, whatever the weather. Iconic stations such as King’s Cross - of Harry Potter fame, if you know anything about Platform 9¾ - are always popular amongst tourists (and wizards). However, for the weathered Londoners looking to discover more about their fair city, the London underground actually holds the key to many of the city’s history and secrets…if you know where to look. For a weatherproof journey through time and space, we offer a London Underground and Tube Tour full of fun facts and anecdotes that are going to revolutionize your morning commute!