Insider London’s Ghost Walks around London take you on a spookily spectacular trip around some of the city’s most haunted spots. To get you in the mood to enjoy these supernatural stories, we’ve put together a list of some of the most haunted places in London. Whether you think these ghost stories are just interesting myths or you believe there truly are ghosts walking (or floating…) around London, here are some of the most famous of the capital’s ghost stories.

Ghosts on the Underground

The London Underground has accrued its fair share of ghost stories in its 150 year history. Perhaps that’s not surprising as a number of Plague Pits were discovered and tunneled through during the construction of the network. Aldgate Station is even said to be constructed over one of these Plague Pits, and is reported to be one of the city’s most haunted stations. The London Underground network’s most famous ghosts include Anne Naylor who is said to scream at night in Farringdon station, a spectral man in overalls at Liverpool Station, and the so called ‘Black Nun’ of Bank Station.

The Tower of London’s Ghosts

Unsurprisingly, the Tower of London – used as jail and execution spot for many years – is considered to be one of London’s most haunted locations. The ghosts of Anne Boleyn, beheaded in 1536, and the two Princes, Edward and Richard, murdered in 1495, are all rumoured to haunt the Tower. But not all of the ghosts at the Tower of London are royal; there’s also the strange story of a huge ghostly bear that appeared many years ago and apparently scared a guard to death!

London’s Haunted Pubs

London has its fair share of brilliant pubs (check out our History of Drinking Tour for more details) and at some of these you might find more than one sort of spirit… Infamous highwayman Dick Turpin is said to roam the upstairs rooms at The Spaniard’s Inn on Hampstead Heath while his horse Black Bess haunts the car park. The Grenadier in Belgravia is reported to be haunted by the ghost of a soldier killed by his comrades after cheating at cards. Meanwhile the ghost of Annie Chapman who was murdered by Jack the Ripper in 1888 is associated with the Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields; which was once actually named the Jack the Ripper.

London’s Spooky Cemeteries

In general, London’s many cemeteries are places of beauty and peace. But with their imposing Victorian mausoleums and overgrown graves, it’s not hard to imagine ghosts walking among the tombstones… Locals near the City of London Cemetery have complained about an unexplained, ghostly orange light coming from one of the tombstones in the cemetery. Likewise, one of London’s most famous graveyards, Highgate Cemetery, is associated with a number of different ghost stories including a mad old woman who runs between the graves and a tall phantom figure who walks through the cemetery wall.

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