There’s such an awful lot to see and do on tours in London that you certainly can’t do everything in a day – or even a week! Our capital is steeped in history, intrigue, tradition, pomp and ceremony… you’re certainly spoiled for choice!

But if you want to see something special – and something that might not be around for much longer – then make sure you head off to The Cinema Museum which has been serving culture vultures and film fanatics for the last 19 years.

But now, because the landlord of the building has put it and its surrounding site up for sale, the Cinema Museum may not be on the London landscape for that much longer.

The museum itself, in Kennington near to the Elephant & Castle, is home to a brilliant collection of memorabilia, artefacts and equipment that tells the history of cinema from the 1890s to now, so it really would be sad to see it go. In fact, the building was also the workhouse where Charlie Chaplin went as a child - so from a historical perspective, it’s got an awful lot to offer.

![web_960x540 Cinema_Museum_(London)Charlie_Chaplin_object_38.jpg](/uploads/web_960x540%20Cinema_Museum(London)_Charlie_Chaplin_object_38.jpg) Photo from the London Cinema Museum by Edward Hands via Wikimedia Commons

Charlie Chaplin’s family themselves have joined in the fight to help save the museum, writing an open letter signed by five of the silent movie star’s children to say how distressed they all are at the prospect of it closing.

The letter read: “As the children of the late Sir Charles Chaplin, we – and our own children – have been distressed to learn of the threat to the Cinema Museum, which is housed in the former Lambeth Workhouse in Renfrew Road, London.”

If you want to help save the museum, you can join the fight by signing an online petition as well.

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