book, bench, london
Image Credit: Mandii Pope

Reading on benches is so 2012. Instead, 2014 is all about benches that look like famous books.

The National Literary Trust, in partnership with Wild In Art, is turning 50-70 London benches into books next summer. Sponsors of the ‘Books About Town‘ project currently include KPMG and Walker Books, but the list is expected to increase. The benches will be start appearing in London in July and will be around for ten weeks. After this, they’ll be auctioned off to raise funds for the National Literacy Test, which tackles low literacy levels in deprived communities around the UK. Several classic and well-known stories are in the works of being turned into benches. Different artists will be responsible for each bench, with books ranging from Frankenstein to 1984 to Peter Pan.

Visitors will be able to locate the benches by following a literary trail. The project will largely be funded by business – if you want to nominate your favourite story to be sat on by sponsoring a bench, take a look at their website.

What books do you think should be featured in the project? Let us know in the comments below.