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London Beer Week is fast approaching, so will you be joining in the fun this year and sampling some of the finest beers that can be found in bars and pubs dotted throughout the capital?

The Evening Standard noted that London Beer Week (LBW) will run from 12 to 18 March this year, when a host of events will be arranged at venues around the city. The newspaper notes that, unlike other beer festivals, it’s not restricted to a single location.

Director of the event Ali Dedianko told the news provider that the festival was founded on “values of inclusivity and discovery”.

“LBW is celebrated in the tap rooms, draught houses and beer bars that make London one of the world’s best beer drinking cities,” he stated.

This is the fourth year of the event and among the bars taking part are The Arbitrager, where everything on sale is indigenous to London, the Ninth Ward London that serves an impressive 65 craft beers, and Temple Brew House that has a brewery in its basement.

If you don’t know London very well and want some help discovering the best watering holes in the city, booking a London pub tour could be the best way to seek out a selection of spots that not only offer great beers, but also have interesting stories to tell. As the 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, we even have a special St. Patrick’s Day Tour for you!

As a city with such a storied history, it’s little surprise that some of London’s oldest public houses have some fascinating connections. And after you’ve learned about some of these historically important pubs you can explore some of the newer brewhouses and bars that have opened in the capital.