Okay, we hold our hands up – we’re real tube geeks at Insider London, as anyone who has been on one of our London Underground and Tube Tours would probably agree. We’re also shared a lot of our, erm, enthusiasm on this blog, and have pulled together some of the best bits. Here is Insider London’s Best of the London Underground and Tube.

Tube Facts Infographic Thumb

One quick way to get your head around the stats of the Underground is our Tube facts infographic (just click on the image to see a large version). Along a similar vein, although not strictly about tubes, are these maps and infographics we shared from The Information Capital book.


Paul Middlewick’s Animals on the Underground

We also compiled a list of our favourite quirky tube maps, from house prices to Lego, via Super Mario. And an Elephant of course!

Fletcher Priest architects mail rail mushroom farm

Fletcher Priest architects’ proposed use for the mail rail tunnels

Back in 2012, we speculated on the future of the Mail Rail tunnels: a competition had decided that a suitable use for them might be a mushroom farm. Snap forward, and we now know a section of the tunnels is going to be used as part of a Postal Museum set to open in 2016.

London Underground Train Frontage

Image credit: Core77.com

We heralded the arrival of Contactless payment on the tube last year and we also gave you a glimpse at the ‘New Tube Project‘, set to roll out by 2020. Another major transportation project that’s going to impact on the city is the CrossRail project. We took a look at those (largely uninspiring) station plans here.

Finally, you can beat a quirky tube fact. Or eighty. Read part one here, part two here, part three here and, phew!, part four here. That’s a lot of facts!

Although we do have room for one final one. That is that Temple station, as seen in the Bond film, Skyfall isn’t actually Temple at all. Want to know how we worked it out? There’s more information here.

For EVEN more, come and join us on one of our London Underground and Tube walking tours.