Happy new year from Insider London! Before we plunge straight into another year of bringing you the finest London finds and facts, let’s look back over some of our favourite posts of last year.

We’ve been Underground: 

Tube Facts Infographic Thumb

For more London Underground stats, we also pulled together our all-time favourite posts here, and learned about plans for the next generation of tube trains here.

Growing Underground Tunnel

But that’s not all the London Underground tunnels can be used for. We discovered all about the mail rail this November, as well as plans by Growing Underground to cultivate herbs and vegetables in tunnels under the streets of Clapham – pictured above, and more here.

One man who goes where others fear to tread underground – and is more than familiar with a tunnel or too is Bradley Garrett. Find out more about this urban explorer in this post.


st pauls from merrill lynch green roof

Image credit: Steve Cadman

It’s not all going on underground, you know. We also ventured skywards to share five of London’s hidden rooftop gardens, and joined in the debate about whether London needed many more tall buildings. And, on the subject of modern architecture, we got to grips with what the term ‘sustainable architecture’ actually means.

 And womblin’ Paddington-ing free

book art walking tour London

London’s streets have been home to all sorts of installations this year, from Paddington to book benches. We also discovered the Outings Project: a project to take portraits out of the museums and onto the streets.

Sweet Toof London barge

We’ve seen some great street art over the year too. One of our favourites came via our Facebook follower, Andy Winter, who had the honour of getting his boat graffitied by two of London’s top artists: Sweet Toof and Paul Insect.

2014’s Pop-ups and openings

makesCAFE alternative London

The pace and creativity of London’s pop-ups have continued to be astounding. We’ve covered loads, from Shuttlecock to Swingers. 2014 was also the year London got its first 3D printing cafe – find out more here. We also spoke to the founder of one of London’s liveliest street food collectives, KERB.

Quirky London

london street art alternative walking tour

We love seeking out the quirky unusual around this great city. Check out our recent post on ghost signs, as well as the design history of London’s street signs. And for the really unusual, have you ever seen the lighthouse in King’s Cross. We found out about its past and plans for its future here.


But for true London geeks, we really recommend you pick up a copy of The Information Capital. You can see some of its brilliant maps and infographics in this post.

We hope you enjoyed 2014 as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you on one of our Insider London alternative walking tours in 2015!