October is finally here and autumn has fallen upon London. And with that comes Halloween; full of ghost stories, un-earthly happenings and tales of death and debauchery. London’s history is riddled with stories of murder, executions and hauntings and there’s no better time to explore the city than on All Hallows’ Eve.

A ghostly skull

Flea ridden and sewage filled streets, lepers living in isolated pockets of the city, and the outbreak of the Great Plague, are just the start of London’s deathly history. And with death come hauntings and tales of spooky occurrences in some unlikely, yet well-known places.

Take the Theatre Royal, the demise of the original theatre by candle flame, led to hauntings, assassination attempts and a string of unfortunate deaths. It’s one of London’s most haunted theatres and is home to a number of thespian ghosts. You may find a bad tempered actor wandering round the room where he murdered a fellow performer. Or you’ll catch a glimpse of the Man in Grey - a limping apparition, who sometimes makes appearances during daytime rehearsals close to where his skeleton was found in the theatre.

As well as theatre, London’s pub culture is well known to those who live and visit the city. And during the colder months they are a great way to escape the chills in the air that come around this time of year. But whilst you’ve been idly nursing a pint, have you ever thought about the history behind your local pub? Well the truth may shock you, as some of the cities drinking holes have darker histories than you could have ever imagined. Many have witnessed such horrors during their time and were once frequented by some of the cities darkest characters.

Mysterious barrels

On our Death and Debauchery tour you’ll spend half your time exploring the streets of London learning about it’s dark histories and the other half visiting pubs with some murky secrets and tales of debauchery of their own. You’ll call on a dark uninviting pub, which once served ‘St Giles Bowls’ to prisoners on their way to the hanging docks, and also one of the finest gin palaces in London (according to Dickens). These palaces were designed for the enjoyment of all, men and women, rich and poor and even children.

And if that is not scary enough for you, we offer a Famous Ghosts and Infamous Murders historic London walking tour. What better way to spend Halloween than scaring yourself silly listening to the ghostly happenings around the city?

You’ll take a walk around some better-known places in London, such as the iconic Covent Garden, where you’ll hear about the ghosts that haunt the areas, as well as roads that are off the beaten track. From a nun, whose appearance means good luck to those who lay eyes on her, to French sailors and drunken treasure hunters, who will appear suddenly in your car headlights, you’ll hear all manners of tales about the ghosts that haunt the city.

Coffins with lids off with ghostly ghouls inside?

Are you brave enough to face the horrors of London this Halloween? If you think so do head to our website to book one of our fantastic, yet haunting London walking tours.