Looking for something to do to celebrate the creepiest season of the year? We’ve created a list of 31 creepy and terrifying things to do in London that will surely keep you terrified all month long.

31. Voodoo Haunted Mansion Halloween Ball: Although you may have to buy tickets in advance to get on the guest list, Voodoo does promise a hauntingly good time. The event begins at 10pm on Saturday 26 October and doesn’t end until 3 am. Don’t forget to dress in your scariest costume if you plan on entering their contests or sweeping your neighborhood werewolf off his/her feet!

30.  Zombie Halloween Pub Crawl: In case you weren’t aware, zombies love their pubs just as much as any living Londoner. The night promises lots of drinks, a zombie makeover, and even a free T-Shirt. Tickets are £20 and the crawl begins at 19:30 Thursday-Saturday during Halloween weekend.

29. Pop Up Ping Pong Halloween Special: Zombies and the apocalypse go together like candy and stomach aches. PUPP has put together a special ping-pong event stocked with an interactive music playlist, bloody good street food and, of course, ping-pong tables. The event takes place 26 October, entry price is £10, and doors open at 18:30.

28. Halloween at Book Club: For three nights only, the Book Club is hosting special Halloween themed events. Ever wanted to meet a dead celebrity? The Book Club doesn’t promise to bring back the dead, but it does host a special event where you can dress up like your favourite celeb and feel just as important as they were. If that doesn’t suit you, then maybe surrounding yourself in taxidermy will make you feel more at home. Or why not get lost in a terrifying funhouse? The events cost between £5 and £15 and runs 29-31 October.

27. Winterwell Halloween Party: Held in one of London’s most haunted Victorian houses, Winterwell’s Voodoo and Black Magic party will not disappoint. The event takes place on 26 October at 20:00 and tickets are £20. Don’t forget to dress up in your best voodoo or black magic costume.

26. Halloween at the Edible Cinema: While it may not be a party or a pub crawl, the Edible Cinema’s Halloween movie is sure to delight. The cinema puts together small packages of food specially made for the movie on screen. From their website, Edible Cinema describes their menus as focusing “less on literal interpretations of food shown on screen and more on environment, specific words and overall feelings. For example, a scene in Pan’s Labyrinth where characters ran through a pine forest was matched with Pine Smoked Popcorn, giving pine aroma and flavour while also delivering the ‘crunch’ of feet on the needle laden forest floor.” They are showing An American Werewolf in London on the 26th and 27th of October.

25. Dracula at Wilton’s Music Hall: The show runs from 9 October to 2 November and its dancers have received rave reviews. You read that right: Dracula is not a play, but more a grand dance performance. Tickets are £25 per person and it’s recommended that no one under the age of 14 attend.

24. Halloween at Barbican: It’s not just one event, but a night full of events in one place. The Barbican’s Halloween extravaganza offers a walk through Oskar Chmiola’s installation; viewings of dark animated films; lessons with animator Patrick Jenkins; a seance with Professor Magos, and so much more. The best part? All events are free and you can just drop in at any time, but not all events run all the time so be sure to check their website.

23. Eerie Evening tours at Kensington Palace: As part of the Enchanted Palaces exhibition, Kensington Palace is opening after hours to give individuals the chance to see some of its many spooky secrets. Entrance costs £20 and tours begin at 18:45 from  28 October to 31 October with a 12+ age restriction.

22. Circus of Horror London After Midnight at Lyric Theater: Remember when circuses would showcase the bizarre and freaky? No? Well then here’s your chance to see and, hopefully, remember just that. The show is centered around five murders that are committed in various London landmarks and features sword swallowers, dare devil balancers, hair hangers, and much, much more. The show takes place on 28 October and starts at 19:30.

21. Sing-along Rocky Horror Picture Show: The cult classic film has inspired theatres across the continents to hold sing-along nights. So while you could go any other night of the year, going on Halloween evening is essentially a two-for-one. You get to sing along to one of the most ridiculous movies ever made and you have a smaller list of costumes to choose from.

20. Art Session at Sir John Soane’s Museum: As the event title suggests, the Sir John Soane Museum will be holding a special Halloween themed art session on 26 October from 11am to 3pm. The event is free, so there’s no need to book tickets ahead of time.

19. Scream at Madame Tussauds: This is no wax museum event, folks. For Halloween, Madame Tussauds has hired live actors to scare the bats out of you. The Chamber of Horrors is set in a maximum security prison where – you guessed it – the prisoners have been set free to terrorize once more. Prices range from £19 to £108, depending on how large your group is.

18. Halloween at Union Chapel: Union Chapel is holding two unique Halloween events on 29 October and 31 October at 18:30 and 19:00, respectively. The first event is a performance of Gregory Motton’s Dracula (£15 – £20) and the second, on the 31st, features legendary composer Fabio Frizzi (£20).

17. Ghost Bus Tour: Running every night between 19:30 and 21:00, the Ghost Bus Tour cruises around London and its gruesome past. The website even boasts that “there are also surprises onboard the bus – it was indeed once a funeral bus, so it’s not a surprise that the dead may have left some imprint on the vehicle .” The tour lasts a minimum of an hour and costs between £14 and £20 per person.

16. London Canal Museum: If you’re not a fan of buses, then maybe a spooky boat tour would be a better fit. The event only runs on the 26th and 27th of October, but there are plenty of time slots to choose from, and each tour lasts a minimum of 50 minutes. There are chances for witch encounters and, most importantly, sweets for the kids. Adults must have children with them and vice versa.

15. Boo at the Zoo at ZSL London Zoo: From creepy crawlies to terrifying tales, the London Zoo is hosting special Halloween events from the 26 October to the 3 November from 11am to 3:30pm. They’ve scheduled ghostly activities like chatting with bats or facing your fear of the dark. Tickets range from £16 – £21 per person.

14. Real Vampires All-Nighter at the BFI IMAX: Forget the sparkly and vegetarian vampires of today, and join BFI for their all-night screening of real, ferocious, and blood-chilling vampire movies. The event will begin at exactly midnight starting with Interview with the Vampire, followed by Dusk Until Dawn, The Lost Boys, and ending with Fright Night. Tickets range from £18 to £33.

13. Zom-Com All Nighter: Hosted by Prince Charles Cinema, join other zombie lovers for a night filled with zombie-laughs. Tickets are £22 – £25 and the movies start at 20:45 on 19 October.

 12. Halloween Dog Walk: Dogs enjoy dressing up as much as their owners, so it’s only natural that All Dogs Matter – a  Dog Rescue and Rehoming organization – would host a Halloween walk were the doggies can do just that. Registration for you and your four-legged friend starts at 10:30am with an entry fee of £5 per dog on 27 October. All proceeds go to helping dogs find forever homes.

11. Drive In Film Club: Grab your car, grab some popcorn, grab everyone you know and head out to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre for a screening of Hocus Pocus on 27 October at 18:00 for a £22 fee.

10. London Eye Halloween Witch Academy: The London Eye’s special Halloween event will make you wish you were a kid again. Join High Witch Priscilla for a night filled with spells, enchantments, and all the witchy things witches do on their favorite night of the year.

9. Climb of the Cursed at the O2: There are two versions of this terrifying tour. The first allows you to “trace the steps of the Terra Ignota team safe in the knowledge that you have the tools to make your way out of any sticky situation. Perfect for families and people focussed on the climb.” The second version is not for the faint of heart as you’ll be “guided across the walkway and straight into a hub of terrifying live action. This is an immersive experience with horrifying scenes and blood curdling screams.”

8. Macabre Autumn Seminar: Learn about Victorian mourning customs (25 Sept), Britain’s first female serial killer (2 Oct), the Magnificent Seven cemeteries and Necropolis Railway (30 Oct), the grisly trade in the teeth of corpses (4 Dec), and the transformation of gin from ‘Mother’s Ruin’ to the beverage of choice for hip cocktailers (11 Dec).

7. Nature’s Nightmares: Complete with creepy crawlies, a treasure gallery, and monster myths, join the Natural History Museum and their scientists for a night filled with drinks and ghostly fun without the worry of stepping on small children.

6. Apsley House Twilight Hours: The Twilight Tours run every Wednesday of October starting at 18:00 each night. The tour is suitable for adults and tickets cost between £5 – £12.

5. Asylum: 2.8 Hours Later: There are people who love zombie films and then there are the people who wish they were in a zombie film. If you’re part of the latter, this Halloween event is for you. Join other zombie fans in this “adrenaline fuelled cinematic experience like no other, catapulting you to the heart of the zombie action. You will make choices and sacrifices that will determine whether you and your friends survive.” Tickets are £40-60 and include entry into the Zombie Disco.

4. Phobiaphobia: If you like being scared to death, then the London Tombs Experience should absolutely be on your list of scary things to do this month. The event uses live actors and even has a Guardian Angel for those being dragged against their will. Prices range from £17 to £74 depending on your party size.

3. Thorpe Park Fright Night: Scare maze events galore! Join Thorpe Park as they allow a filmmaker to take over for Halloween and bring your favorite horror movies to life. On top of the mazes, you can ride the best thrill rides on this side of the Atlantic and partake in plenty more events. Tickets vary depending on who is joining you on this scary adventure.

2. The London Dungeon Late: Looking for something a little more humorous than terrifying? The London Dungeon has put together a ‘Fear is Funny’ show that will most likely kill you from laughter rather than fear. Ticket prices differ depending on whether you book them online or not. They are open at 10am every day except Thursdays.

1. Death and Debauchery Tour: Last but not least, why not join Insider London on our very own Death and Debauchery tour. Tours run every Saturday at 17:00 and Thursdays at 18:30. Join in tours are £20 per person – with a two person minimum – and tours run a minimum of two hours. Be sure to join us for a special tour on Halloween eve!