Our group from last Sunday's Death and Debauchery Tour.

We raised £600 so far!

Last Saturday and Sunday, 19th and 20th of August, we ran our first tours for the fundraiser for Guide Dogs. So far, we ran three tours and thanks to our great guests, we were able to raise over £600! Due to the popularity of the tours, and to raise as much money as possible, we decided to add even more tours to the fundraiser than previously planned. If you want to explore London and support charity at the same time, make sure to book a space on one of the tours on the bank holiday weekend by sending an email to jonas@insider-london.co.uk. The upcoming tours are:

Please contact jonas@insider-london.co.uk for booking (please do not use the on-page booking system, otherwise it won’t contribute to the fundraiser).

Richard, tour guide with Insider London, said: “It’s great to see how our guests enjoy our tours! To know, that every penny they paid goes to a good cause – Guide Dogs’ services and their great campaigns – makes it even more rewarding!”

With his enthusiastic and personable style, Richard had captivated our guests minds and fantasy when he led the Death and Debauchery Tour on Sunday. He’s also the one to lead the added tour on Monday, 28th August. The City of London Finance Tour on Sunday will be led by Andy Catto, a certified City of London Guide and former banker, whose knowledge and expertise never ceases to amaze. Both the Silicon Roundabout Tour on Saturday and the London Underground and Tube Tour on Sunday will be led by Jonas, a London enthusiast and the organiser of the fundraiser.

Our group from last Saturday's Tube Tour, 2pm.

Dave Kent, Community Engagement Officer at Guide Dogs’ London office and a guide dog owner himself, has done a London Underground and Tube Tour with Jonas prior to the fundraiser, to ensure that the tours are suitable for blind and partially sighted people: “We’re really happy that Insider London is doing this fundraiser! I’m a history lover myself and I thoroughly enjoyed their tour - all you need as a blind person is a good imagination. At Guide Dogs, we’re constantly working towards blind and partially sighted people having the same freedom and mobility as sighted people. It’s great that Insider London are joining us on our mission!”

And we do so happily! If you want to support Guide Dogs as well, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter here, and join us on one of our fundraising tours. If you like what we’re doing, please also make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We’re looking forward to showing you around!

Our group from last Saturday's Tube Tour, 11am.

by Jonas Fathy