The black cab. Is there a more iconic symbol for fast-paced London life?  There when you’re stranded, lost, or too just too lazy to walk, these nuggets of London history date back to 1662, when they were horse-drawn Hackney carriages for hire. Today however, the London black cab is having a make-over.

Presenting: Green Tomato Cars. A company that’s been around since March 2006, this is London’s first green minicab service. They have 307 hybrid people carriers and executive vehicles run on biodiesel, and they’ve recently announced that by summer 2013, fifty BYD e6 EV minicabs will join their fleet. That’s 50 electric cabs, to you and me.

In essence, it’s all good. Up to 90% of the harmful emissions that contribute to London’s air pollution originate from traffic fumes, so it’s small steps like phoning for a green taxi that can help make the difference. And not only is it clean, it’s fast. On average it only takes 11.6 minutes from the time of the booking, to the Green Tomato Cab arriving (if requested immediately). You can book by phone, online or by using the Green Tomato App.

The cars used by Green Tomato are usually hybrid Priuses. Emissions are at least 50% less than the majority of black cabs on London’s streets and considerably less than most people carriers and conventional minicabs too. This is all because Green Tomato are on a bit of a mission. Their spokesperson spoke passionately about their ‘vision’: “Our vision isn’t about us. It’s about the world we live in – and the world we leave behind. A world where people live and love sustainably, inspired by a new sense of community and responsibility. A world of zero-emission and super-efficient transport.”

All Green Tomato CO2 emissions are offset by 200%. Since they’ve launched, they have invested in planting trees in the UK and further afield and in energy saving projects in India and Brazil. This is a company that understands the current business and environmental climate, and is dedicated to progressing for many years to come. All we have to do is look out for their distinctive silver and green cabs and hop in.