A gruesome murder. A macabre cover up. These things are not uncommon in London, especially in the days of yore. But when I found out about what happened to Anne Naylor, a sickly girl who worked for a milliner in the late eighteenth century, I had to investigate further.  Are there really ghosts on the London Underground? Is there really a Screaming Spectre?

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Anne and her sister were apprentices at a milliner’s run by Mrs Metyard and her daughter. The Metyards were the most brutal of taskmasters and when Anne fell behind on her work (which was often, due to her illness) she would be beaten. One day, unable to take it any more, she ran away, hoping to escape the violent torment that defined her life. Watch the video to find out what happened to her….. and what happened to me when I went looking for her some two hundred years later!

Have you heard the Screaming Spectre? Have you seen any other ghosts on the London Underground? Have you got any of your own ghost stories to share? We want to know. And if you want to learn more about ghostly goings on in London, why not join us on our chilling Death & Debauchery walking tour.