With Autumn now upon us and Halloween soon approaching, it is only appropriate to feel a pull towards the subject of the supernatural. A ghostly walking tour of London which highlights some of the lesser-known hauntings may be just the ticket?

The capital has long been considered the most haunted city in the world and our walking tour will take you down the hidden parts of the West End where ghosts hide.

We have scoured the populous West End for hidden alleys and quiet paths which may bring chills down the spine before even the first hint of a ghost story. Even the most sceptical may feel inclined to believe those who once called London home in one life may still be walking among us today.

Many of these ghosts hadn’t experienced a necessarily horrible past and therefore their stories can only be heard with a touch of melancholy, such as a philanthropist baroness and a wandering nun. However, others had horrific experiences which brought them to an untimely end and it is these spirits who refuse to leave, possibly looking for revenge?


And then there are the infamous murder stories, which entice us all in our search for appropriate Halloween entertainment. London has seen many a criminal, some of which have become household names.  But what of the others? Down dark streets in an overcrowded Victorian London, murder was rife and became a source of entertainment for the masses in the ongoing search for ‘Who Done It?’. Our Insider guides will shed light on the infamous case in the West End which gripped Londoners long before Jack the Ripper terrorised the East End. Some of its details will share uncanny similarities to other murders mentioned in this particularly spooky walking tour of London town.

Although we at Insider London can not promise any ghostly sightings, it is always an occupational hazard when walking through the city streets. We hope this Halloween the Famous Ghosts and Infamous Murders walking tour will fulfill your search for ghastly ghosts and ghouls